GE Voluson E8 with HD Live Ultrasound Machine

Let me start by saying, the refurbished GE Voluson e8 is an incredible ultrasound machine. It is the one of the few elite 4D obstetric ultrasound machines for women’s health on the market. GE set the bar high with the E8. HDLIVE HDLive is a new aspect of ultrasound that few other companies have crossed into. HDLive is unique and a neat new way to look at ultrasounds. You will ask yourself if you are looking at a rendered 4D image or a real picture when you first see it. HDLive shines a new light on an otherwise aging 4D technology. HDLive focuses on two major components. The first component is an improved speckle reduction algorithm for use during 4D mode: VSRI, or Volume Speckle Reduction Imaging. GE has optimized speckle reduction for 4D and made it adjustable in 4D mode. With speckle reduction, the image can greatly be improved or make the image look like a wrinkled piece of paper. If used properly, it is another step towards getting a cleaner more crisp image rather then a distorted image. The second component is “virtual light source” which doesn’t explain much to anyone who reads that. Basically HDLive is the equivalent of taking a flashlight and shinning it on a face from different angles to light up the face and seeing the different shadows the light creates, casting shadows on the face giving depth and creating new dimensions. The end results is an image that looks almost lifelike.   E8 MACHINE REVIEW Since the late 1990’s, the GE Voluson ultrasound machines have been known as the industry standard in the premium 4D market. Not a whole lot has changed between the first series of machines and the current machines available now. That has since changed with the introduction of HDLive to the ultrasound market. Since the late 1990’s, 4D imagery hasn’t really seen too many changes in terms of 4D. Every few years there would be upgrades to image quality and higher frame rates but aside from those minor changes, the systems did the same things as before the minor upgrades with hardly noticeable results. That has all changed now that HDLive has been introduced to the market with a much needed upgrade in terms of imagery and basic use. Another improvement over the 730 is the image management. Previous models have had a not so user-friendly image management program. With the new E8 with HDLive, that all changes and greatly improves. It even gives you the option to export to “Mac” or “PC” image formats (AVI and MOV). Not only that but every piece of image management is easier to use and more user-friendly. The E8 with HDLive is, for these reasons listed above, one of the best Ultrasound machines on the market today.  

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