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Looking to find out how to open your own elective ultrasound studio?

We know that it is often hard to find support for your new ultrasound business… And we are tired of that! With our elective ultrasound business mentoring training we are able to show you not only the day to day operations of your business but also explain all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Our goal is to offer not only 3D/4D HD elective ultrasound training but to also be able to give our clients the BUSINESS skills that they need to ensure that their business succeeds.

Looking to increase sales at your current ultrasound studio?

Over the past few years we have helped our customers establish new 3D/4D ultrasound studios and have helped them increase their sales. Our methods are one of a kind because we aim to take the aspirations and goals into account when we create a path for a business. We know that every studio and location has various demographics that make them stand out and look different from others. Thus, we take all of these factors into consideration too in order to improve our business. Our services can help you create a business plan and help you put the plan into action. We can offer services that can be as simple as developing an ultrasound website to creating a turn-key business.

Turn-Key Business Options

All of the elements required for you to become successful will be at the tip of your fingers. Some of the factors that we can assist you and your business with have been mentioned below:

Business Plan

Every location is unique and should be treated as so. We can assit you with creating a unique business plan for your specific needs.

Location Planning

As they say... Location, location, location. We are here to help you choose the best location for your new business.

Preferred Pricing

We work with several vendors whom offer preferred pricing for our clients.

Custom Marketing

Custom websites, SEO, Social Media, logos, and marketing supplies are just the beginning when it comes to our marketing package.

Business Guidance

We are with you not only in the start but also down the road. Anytime you have qustions we have a vast network of knowlege to assist you with your business.


Ultrasound equipment options are numerious. We guide you and provide you with the best equipment for your situation.


We can provide multiple financing options for our turn-key packages as well as ultrasound equipment.

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To learn more about our 3D/4D ultrasound business options, please contact us at (877) 943-7335 or Click Here