Samsung A35 – HD Ultrasound Machine

The brand new Samsung A35 is a mid-upper range color Doppler ultrasound from Samsung Medison. It replaces the Accuvix A30 ultrasound machine, adding a 23″ High Resolution LED monitor, S-Vue ultrasound transducers, and improved image quality. It features good cardiac and radiology and is well known for its solid 4d imaging. The A35 is Samsung’s newest HD ultrasound machine that is both budget friendly as well gives you the ability to offer great images to your clients without sacrifice. Much like it’s predecessor the A30 the new A35 offers the same options with greater image quality. Ergonomically, the A35 features a height adjustable console, high resolution LED monitor display and easy to read touch menu for a more comfortable scanning experience. The Samsung Medison A35 features the Hybrid Beamforming engine, which uses software in addition to hardware beamforming in order to produce a more precise and accurate image. Traditionally, the ultrasound relied solely on hardware to interpret the ultrasound signals. This provides more precise transmission and reception of the ultrasound signal, resulting in exceptional image clarity.
  • Innovative 3D/4D Imaging Technologies for Exceptional Detail and Realistic Depth Perception
  • ADVR Advanced Digital recorder
  • 23″ Full HD LED Display Monitor for Excellent Clarity, Color and Contrast Resolution
  • S-Vue™ Transducers Deliver Wider Bandwidths for Increased Depth Penetration and Higher Quality Resolution
  S-VueTM Transducer
In addition to the advanced beamforming capabilities, the A35 incorporates the next-generation single-crystal probe technology called S-VueTM transducers. Employing an innovative crystal design, S-VueTM transducers provide more efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wider bandwidths for increased depth penetration and higher quality resolution on even the most challenging of patients.
FRVTM (Feto Realistic View) Displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. User-selectable light source direction creates intricate graduated shadows to better define anatomical structures.
HD Volume ImagingTM Reduces specular artifacts throughout the volume data set, enhancing border detection and contract resolution in both rendered images and multiplanar display.
ADVRTM Advanced Digital Video Recorder allows for recording live streaming video of the ultrasound screen directly to either the integrated DVD (720 x 480) or USB storage device (in full HD 1920 x 1080).

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    I want to know the price of brand new one(A35) and used one available in toronto Canada.
    I want to know about finance and renting as well in this area.
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