Post Covid-19 Lockdown UK Elective Ultrasound Training


Private 4D/HD Ultrasound Training.

The UK is finally open and we can provide ultrasound training again!

Important Information:

  • No more need for quarantine! We can finally provide 3D/4D ultrasound training in the UK again!
  • Limited elective ultrasound training dates are still available:
    • October and November 
  • You MUST have your own location to be trained at (all of our training is private)
  • We are offering large discounts on ultrasound equipment. We currently are selling GE, Samsung, and Mindray ultrasound equipment. 
  • Each training will be held over an extended 3 day period.
    • Training will cover machine use, fetal positioning, gender determination, and 3D/4D HD.
  • Up to 3 individuals from the same studio may be trained for the same price.


Simply Ultrasound Training

Cost: 8,000 USD (Approximately £5,750)

Duration: Three day training session (at your location in the UK)

Description: Our hands-on private 3d/4d ultrasound training is provided at your location and on your equipment to ensure you get the best training possible. During this training session you will be taught how to operate your 3D/4D ultrasound machine (we will optimize your ultrasound equipment to achieve the best images possible), gender determination (gender determination as early as 14-15 weeks), how to perform 2D ultrasounds (included probe orientation, fetal orientation, fetal heart rate, placenta placement, understanding of common abnormalities & how to handle them), as well as the basic and advanced 3D/4D HD scanning techniques. All training is performed actual clients as well as a training phantom. At the completion of the training you will have the necessary skills to perform elective ultrasounds without guidance.

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