3D/4D HD Ultrasound Training & Gender Determination

Have you ever thought about doing 3D 4D HD elective ultrasounds? 

Not sure where to start?

Ultrasound Trainers has the answers to your ultrasound training needs. With the advancement of ultrasound technology and the decrease in doctor/hospital fetal ultrasounds, now is the time to learn to do ultrasounds yourself and start a profitable business. 

All of our training is provided hands-on at your location. The key to our training is giving you the ability to use your actual ultrasound machine. Think of it this way; why would you go to motorcycle school when you own a car? To be efficiently trained and get the most out of your ultrasound training, you need to be trained on your own equipment.

Throughout the training, great emphasis is given to hands-on scanning of the pregnant patients to skillfully learn the ultrasound scanning techniques.

Since all of our training is done privately at your location, we are able to take time on aspects that you are having difficulty with and press through areas that you are excelling at. 

Gender Determination

Yes, determining gender can be easily learned. With our ultrasound training, we typically schedule 25-30 pregnant women to scan on and learn. With each of these pregnant women, we will provide not only 3D/4D HD elective ultrasounds but also gender determination. 

Our goal at Ultrasound Trainers is to bring non-diagnostic 3D/4D HD elective ultrasounds to those who want it. With our unique training program, we are able to make this happen. We take pride in being able to teach 3D/4D keepsake ultrasounds to those who want to perform them.

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