4D Ultrasound Franchise

Have you been curious about how to open a 4D HD Live Elective Ultrasound Franchise but don’t know much about how or where to start?

When it comes to “franchising” 4D elective ultrasound studios you have multiple options. The biggest options/issues are how much do I have to spend to franchise, can I make my own business choices, and how much will the on-going fees be?

At Ultrasound Trainers, we find it really hard to offer a product that may or may not work and charge big fees for them. For this exact reason, Ultrasound Trainers is not the leader in 3D/4D Ultrasound Franchises rather we are the leader in elective ultrasound complete turn-key businesses.

What is this Turn-Key ultrasound franchise that you speak of?

We believe that the money you earn as a business owner should be kept by YOU the business owner. We also realize that the 3D/4D ultrasound industry and studios alone will never be major brands like Mc Donalds and so on, so why should owners have to pay franchise fees like these major companies.

With our elective ultrasound turn-key business packages we give you the flexibility to customize your entire business to your wants and needs. Wouldn’t you prefer the option to customize all the different aspects of your dream ultrasound business? From the logo & website all the way down to the actual equipment, you will get to choose what will fit your business the best.

What is included with the Turn-Key Ultrasound Studio?

We provide all the trainings related to how to operate the machine and run your business. Our company does all of the initial setup for you. Your primary task is to secure a location and furnish it. After that you can sit back while we complete the rest for you. We create a custom logo, website, print marketing, social media marketing and get your organization running in no time. The turn-key package will include your marketing, supplies, equipment (TV/projector, computers, cables), ultrasound & business training, as well as your ultrasound machine. Every turnkey that we open is customized based on the tastes and style of the owner. With us your business will never have to pay royalties or any franchise fees. After we complete your setup, you will have complete control over your new business. Our support doesn’t end when we leave, we will support you for the life of your business with any business, marketing, or ultrasound questions.

If you would like to learn more information about our alternative to the typical 3D/4D Ultrasound Franchise model please contact one us and we can discuss the differences.

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  1. franca dilisicandro says:

    I want to open my business in vineland new jersey please help me im a registered ultrasound tech for 18 years

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