When Is the Best Time to Get a 3D/4D Elective Ultrasound?

“When is the best time to come in for a 3D/4D ultrasound,” and “when is the optimal time to have our clients come in for an ultrasound,” are the two questions that I hear more than any other. And I give one simple answer to both my studio clients and my business clients, even though it’s worded differently, it has the same meaning. If I’m speaking to a perspective studio owner, or a studio owner, I tell them that the best time is ASAP. Have your clients do a 3D/4D scan when they do their gender determination (typically 15-19 weeks). After this, most clients get “hooked” and want to come back for more. If you are priced right and provide a great service you will often have your clients return around 21-24 weeks to see the growth changes, and then 28-32 weeks to get the optimal 3D/4D photos.

The same goes when you talk to the end customer. Seeing the baby in 3D/4D at 15 weeks is often “alien like” but it’s still their baby and parents will love and appreciate seeing their baby in this stage. At 15-19 weeks you are still able to see the baby’s complete body. As the baby grows you become limited on the amount of the baby that you can see. At 21-24 weeks the baby is just starting to form their fat and their full facial features. This is still a great time to see the growth progress of the lil one. When you get closer to 28-32 weeks the client is able to typically see their baby in the “typical” 3D images that we are all accustomed to seeing in magazines and online.

With all that being said, the mothers body type and baby positioning also plays a role into when you can obtain the “best” images. If a client is only going to come in once, typically the all around best time to come in will be 28-30 weeks. As the baby nears 30 plus weeks, the baby starts to run low on room and fluid, one runs the risk of having the baby “smashed” or without enough fluid in front of their face, and therefore you will be unable to obtain the optimal photos that most clients are accustomed too.

Steve LaVoise


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