The Bump in Valdosta, GA

We are pleased to announce the Grand opening of The Bump in Valdosta, GA.

The Bump 3D/4D ultrasound studio is here to serve the expecting mothers of Valdosta and its surrounding area. Pregnancy is such a special and exciting time and there is no better way to capture this moment in life than with a 3D ultrasound of your little one while still in the womb! With these life-like photos you can get a sneak peek of the baby’s facial features and watch live as it smiles, stretches and sucks its thumb.

The Bump can obtain the best images possible with our state of the art GE ultrasound machines and a technician that is there to take their time. Unlike your doctor’s office, there is no hurry, it is a relaxed atmosphere and we welcome your friends and family to join in on this incredible experience. You can even find out if it’s a Boy or a Girl as early as 15 weeks!

he Bump 3D is a stylish, comfortable studio where we capture memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Upon arriving, you will be welcomed by our technician, Leanna, who will help you fill out a registration packet.  There is plenty of waiting room for your family and friends, we even have a little play station for kids.

The ultrasound will take place in our viewing room which resembles a home theater room with a large projection screen and comfy couches.  Then comes the fun part, get ready to see if baby looks like Mommy or Daddy!

The majority of expecting moms will get at least one ultrasound performed by their OB. Below we are going to highlight the difference in the experience you have at our studio versus your doctors office.

Enjoyable Experience @ The Bump. We can guarantee that you will enjoy your elective ultrasound experience at The Bump. We have a warm, relaxing environment that makes the whole experience so much better than the cold, sterile feeling that most doctor offices have.

No long wait @ The Bump. At The Bump all of our prenatal 3D/ 4D ultrasounds are done by appointment only to ensure that you and your guests will never have to wait. We have all had the negative experience of waiting hours to be seen by the doctor which happens even more so with OB’s when they are called out to deliver babies. The wait can be hours sometimes but we can ensure that you won’t be left sitting in the waiting room nervous and excited at The Bump.

Big crowds welcomed @ The Bump. We think the more the merrier! You can easily fit up to 10 friends and family in our ultrasound viewing room and have your loved ones share this amazing memory with you. At the doctors office you are usually limited to 1 or 2 additional people in the room.

Flexible hours @ The Bump. Often times it is not possible for daddy, grandparents, friends, ect to take off during the work week to attend your doctor’s appointment with you. At The Bump we offer plenty of appointments after 5 p.m. during the week and we are also open on the weekend for your convenience.

Pleasant staff @ The Bump. We have all heard horror stories of how an excited mom goes in for her prenatal ultrasound only to be subject to an unfriendly nurse who is all but excited for her. Our staff is always smiling and just as excited as you are to view your little miracle. Your ultrasound experience at The Bump will never be ruined by someone else’s bad attitude.

Relaxed appointments @ The Bump. Often a doctors office is seeing many patients in one day and does not have the time for the long ultrasound we all want. You often feel rushed but that won’t ever happen at The Bump. Each package allows for plenty of viewing time of baby.

Patient with baby @ The Bump. Well some are stubborn even while still in the womb. Whether they won’t wake up or are crossing their legs, it may take a little bit longer than normal from time to time. Often your doctor will just say, “sorry, we’ll try again next time.” Well next time could easily be 4-6 weeks away. At The Bump we are patient and try our best to get you great 3D/4D pictures or reveal the gender for the first time. We will often have you drink some juice, walk around and try again. If baby still does not cooperate, we can re-scan you within the next few days.

Plenty of pictures taken @ The Bump. Some doctors print only a couple of pictures for you to take home, some none at all. Every prenatal ultrasound done receives at least 6 3D prints that you take home with you that day so you can show off your little one!

Contact Info:

The Bump 3D is a 3D/4D Elective Ultarsound studio located in Valdosta, GA.

Office:(229) 563-6035



We are located at:

1808 B Plum St

Valdosta, GA 31601

 The Bump 3D, a 3D/4D Elective Ultrasound Studio, located in Valdosta, GA is conveniently located to: Lake Park, Hahira, Quitman, Thomasville, Adel, Tifton, Barney, Waycross, Homerville, Lakeland, Moultrie, Douglas, Pearson, Cairo, Jasper, Madison, Statenville, Nashville, Ray City, and Moody AFB.

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